We are a full service professional grooming facility. We offer a do-it-yourself bathing area, if you prefer to do it yourself.


I am Kathy Slaughter, owner of the OC Pet Spa, located in the Assateague Square Center, located off Route 611 in West Ocean City, Maryland.  We opened our Ocean City location in October, 2012, then opened an additional location ion Pocomoke, Maryland.

I want your pets to feel comfortable and relaxed during their grooming session.  I want you to feel that you are a priority, and your pet is getting 100% of my attention.

I have 27 years of experience as a pet groomer.  I also worked for Canine Partners for Life, a non-profit organization dedicated to training service dogs, home companion dogs, and residential companion dogs to assist individuals who have a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities.  I've trained guide dogs and seizure alert dogs and worked with a professional show dog handler.  After reading about my background, I hope you feel comfortable leaving your pet with me.  

We offer full-service grooming for dogs of very size.  Bathing, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, haircut & blow dry, are among some of the services offered.  If you prefer to bathe your pet yourself, there is a do-it yourself bathing station with six different shampoos available, and towels and blow dryer.  If you want to wait while your pet is being groomed, we have a customer lounge area.  Need doggie day care?  We offer that too.

We do not cage your animals.  Several corrals have been set up inside the shop, with a bed, water fountain and toys inside each, so your pet feels more comfortable and makes them feel like they are at home.  It is a tranquil, friendly environment, with no stress to your pets.

I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about the OC Pet Spa.  Your business is greatly appreciated.  We enjoy building long-term relationships with our clients and their pets.  We will treat your pets like our own.  Stop by and say hi.  We would love to meet you!


Kathy Slaughter